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     The Velvet Sirens are a Unique and Traditional Vocal Jazz & Swing Duo offering a modern spin on the Great American Songbook and influential artists of the great Jazz and Swing era. The music of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, George Gershwin, among others are all presented with visual and acoustic originality, charisma, and flamboyance. In addition, The Velvet Sirens weave their own original music throughout their performances that is both reminiscent and complimentary to the popular songs of the past, while making a claim on the future of the musical standard.

As a trained vocalist and Jazz Vocal Scholar, Jesse Chandler has had a life-long relationship with music. She has extensive experience as a soloist and has performed with professional choirs in San Diego, New York and Columbus, Ohio. In addition, her work in theatrical productions, voice-over and studio recording, film & television, and small & large musical ensembles has been a constant in her expansive career.

Michael Kaplan has been involved in the musical arts since childhood.  He is experienced as a performer, filmmaker, and media professional, and has worked in the music reproduction and recording industries.

Both Jesse and Michael hold MFA degrees in Theater/Art from Syracuse University and have taught music, acting for theater, stagecraft, and film production at Valdosta State University, University of Cincinnati, Framingham State University, and The Ohio State University.