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Swingin' Rhapsody in Song, Story, and Stardust is a joyful experience! The Velvet Sirens guide you on a magical journey weaving culture, history, and music into an elegant and colorful tapestry. ”

— Joyce Hayden, Author, Artist and Educator

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“Swingin’ Rhapsody in Song, Story and Stardust…”  is a unique live musical and storytelling performance that reaches back through the decades to uncover and celebrate the development of 20th Century 
American Popular Music.

During this entertaining journey, you’ll gain the understanding that Jazz, Blues and Swing truly resonate 
deeply when supported by stories of its lineage, where the music came from, who developed it, and how it evolved as it passed through the hands of different people and diverse cultures.

Book your journey today! The joy and historic insights of “Swingin' Rhapsody in Song, Story, and Stardust...” await you!

Popular music is extremely versatile and each genre holds its own story, content and theme. With that in mind, we have many flexible programming opportunities that can be tailored to your individual venues. We’ll design a rewarding musical event specifically for your community and guarantee it will come together simply and efficiently-- more so than you can ever imagine! For detailed information 
contact Jesse Chandler at 614.506.1482 or complete the inquiry form below.

     The Velvet Sirens are a Unique and Traditional Vocal Jazz & Swing Duo offering a modern spin on the Great American Songbook and influential artists of the great Jazz and Swing era. The music of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, George Gershwin, among others are all presented with visual and acoustic originality, charisma, and flamboyance. In addition, The Velvet Sirens weave their own original music throughout their performances that is both reminiscent and complimentary to the popular songs of the past, while making a claim on the future of the musical standard.

As a trained vocalist, Jesse Chandler has had a life-long relationship with music. She has extensive experience as a soloist and has performed with professional choirs in San Diego, New York and Columbus, Ohio. In addition, her work in theatrical productions, voice-over and studio recording, film & television, and small & large musical ensembles has been a constant in her expansive career.

Michael Kaplan has been involved in the musical arts since childhood.  He is experienced as a performer, filmmaker, and media professional, and has worked in the music reproduction and recording industries.

Both Jesse and Michael hold MFA degrees in Theater/Art from Syracuse University and have taught music, acting for theater, stagecraft, and film production at Valdosta State University, University of Cincinnati, Framingham State University, and The Ohio State University.


Questions? We have answers! For more detailed information, contact Jesse Chandler at 614-506-1482 or complete the inquiry form that appears directly to the right.

Q -  We have never had a Performance Event in our space, how would you stage something like that? 

A - We have a lot of experience making all kinds of spaces work beautifully for a performance. Rest assured, we can create a rewarding event for traditional performance spaces as well as non-traditional environments. We’ll develop a program especially designed for your audience and space in mind.

Q -  We have no sound system, how will you be heard? 

A - We are accustomed to putting on successful shows at venues very similar to yours. We can provide our own sound system or can work with or integrate any existing systems. We are a self- contained performer ready to entertain and educate you!

Q  - How would our facility have time and energy to administer such an event? 

A -  We manage the administration ourselves with your input and it’s our goal to make this event as easy and efficient as possible for your facility and personnel. Our venue partners appreciate this seamless and well-constructed system.

Q  - It sounds wonderful, but expensive.  How is the performance paid for? 

A - Through ticket sales, so there is no cost to your facility.  We have a tried and true ticketing system in place that we can manage from our end.   We are capable of setting up advanced online tickets and taking reservations. Some places have attendees pay only at the door with no pre-sales. 

Q  - How is promotion and advertising handled? 

A - We have all of our promotional materials ready in correct formats. We will do our part to promote the show through social media, local media and community outreach to make it a resounding success.

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