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The Velvet Sirens present a beautiful, funny, and storied mix of popular standards and original music that envelopes the audience in joy...”

— Genie Braithwaite, Pastoral Counselor and House Concert Patron

Bring this exciting, informative, and dynamic show to your home and community! Click on the short video below to learn more about "The House Concert Cabaret Series" It's easy to become a House Concert Cabaret Host!

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You can be part of the grassroots House Concert movement that is gaining popularity around the world!

House Concert Cabarets are private "listening events" where a host opens their home as a performance space...

House Concert Cabarets are wonderful, casual events set up in the comfort of a private space with invited guests and a one-on-one intimate and live musical performance with The Velvet Sirens...

House Concert Cabarets are hosted by people like you who have the desire to bring unique independent music to a gathering of friends, neighbors, co-workers and family so they can experience a special listening event of Story and Song...  

We love performing in this cozy, intimate setting, getting to know the audience and sharing our music and stories with new listeners!

     The Velvet Sirens are a Unique and Traditional Vocal Jazz & Swing Duo offering a modern spin on the Great American Songbook and influential artists of the great Jazz and Swing era. The music of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, George Gershwin, among others are all presented with visual and acoustic originality, charisma, and flamboyance. In addition, The Velvet Sirens weave their own original music throughout their performances that is both reminiscent and complimentary to the popular songs of the past, while making a claim on the future of the musical standard. 

As a trained vocalist, Jesse Chandler has had a life-long relationship with music. She has extensive experience as a soloist and has performed with professional choirs in San Diego, New York and Columbus, Ohio. In addition, her work in theatrical productions, voice-over and studio recording, film & television, and small & large musical ensembles has been a constant in her expansive career. 

Michael Kaplan has been involved in the musical arts since childhood.  He is experienced as a performer, filmmaker, and media professional, and has worked in the music reproduction and recording industries. 

Both Jesse and Michael hold MFA degrees in Theater/Art from Syracuse University and have taught music, acting for theater, stagecraft, and film production at Valdosta State University, University of Cincinnati, Framingham State University, and The Ohio State University.

Questions? We have answers! For more detailed information, contact Jesse Chandler at 614-506-1482 or complete the inquiry form that appears directly to the right. 

Q - What is a House Concert and how do I put one together? 

A -  House Concert Cabaret is a concert outside of a traditional music venue.  It can be in a living room, family room, basement, rec room, condo community room or even outdoors in a backyard, on a deck or porch.  Basically, any place can be transformed to an intimate venue!

Q- My home is small. How do I seat a bunch of people?   

A - A House Concert Cabaret does not require a large , fancy home or complex event planning; just a willingness to support live independent music by providing a location and inviting  Adult Guests to attend. A small living room can usually fit 20 people with couches, bar stools, dining room chairs, cushions, floors, or folding chairs. It’s nice if there is a restroom that people can use and electricity for a small amplifier.

Q - But I really don’t want strangers in my home.   

A - This can be a primary concern for homeowners.  The guests that attend will be invited by you as it is a private event like any get-together you would have in your home.  The Velvet Sirens will list it on our schedule as a “Private House Concert Cabaret” and if you want to invite friends through Facebook simply keep the event private to only invitees.

Q - Should there be refreshments?   

A - As the Host, that is entirely up to you. Some hosts provide snacks, sometimes invited guests bring snacks to share or they bring their own beverages.  As the Host you can decide how involved you want this to be. Some people have a pot luck dinner after the performance, some want alcoholic beverages and some do not. The important piece is that it is easy for the host, so that everyone can enjoy this magical event!

Q - How do The Velvet Sirens get paid for performing in my home? 

A - This is a donation based system. There is no outright booking fee for the concert but as self-sustaining professional musicians, we do request that Hosts notify their guests when sending out the initial invite to expect to give a suggested donation.  We will provide the Host with an invite template for guests. In addition, we will ask the Host to make an announcement at the end of the House Concert Cabaret for generous donations. We will also provide a script for that donation request as some people are shy about public speaking.  If you wish to sponsor a concert for your community without donations, a set fee can be agreed upon.

Q - Do you require a minimum of guests to perform a House Concert Cabaret?    

A - We prefer that the Host to be able to guarantee at least 20 guests for the concert to be a great experience for everyone.  To create the best possible scenario for a successful show, we ask that you invite your friends, neighbors, colleagues and anyone else in your social circle that you feel will enjoy an intimate concert in your home. The best formula is to invite 2x the amount of guests you actually want to attend as not everyone will be able to come.

Q - How is a House Concert different from a House Party with a Band?   

A - House Concerts are not parties with background music.  House Concert Cabarets are true 'listening events" meant to introduce independently created music to your community as well as support independent musicians with audience attention and donations.  There will be time before the performance begins to socialize for a bit (we usually suggest 30-45 minutes for arriving and getting settled) a performance for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and then another break (45-1 hour) for more connecting with Guests, Host and Artist after the performance.  The entire experience usually lasts about 3 hours, which can be included on the invites.

Q - Will The Velvet Sirens have music available for sale?   

A - Yes!  We would request that we set up a table that showcases our lovely music and signed merchandise for sale after the concert.  In that last hour when folks are mingling, The Velvet Sirens might talk with attendees about their music and be able to sell CD’s, t-shirts, or other merchandise.
Q - How do I go about scheduling a House Concert Cabaret? 

A - The Velvet Sirens have plenty of experience with House Concert Cabarets and we are happy to provide you with guidelines and support for creating this wonderful event.  A House Concert Cabaret can be any time of night or day, weekdays or weekends. And of course, we will work with you to find a date that fits your calendar based on our traveling schedule and route.  We will make it easy for you and give you all the details you need to tell your guests including sample write ups to use in your emails and even help with the RSVPs. Just get started by filling out the form on this page and And Voila! You are on your way to creating an intimate memorable event for your Community!

You can bring this unique and transformative event to your home and community! Simply complete this handy form and we will contact you directly.  
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